For reservations, you will need to schedule an appointment with the Special Events Supervisor. You can email your questions to info@avestate.com

Does the rental fee include tables/chairs/catering?

No. The rental fees are for the 1-day usage of Arvizu Vizcaya Estate only and do not include tables/chairs/caterers. You are responsible for bringing in the tables and chairs, and hiring your own caterer. If you are interested in a package, please contact Arvizu Vizcaya Estate Director/Manager.

How many hours does my rental at Arvizu Vizcaya include?

The rental fees give you access to the entire day at Arvizu Vizcaya Estate for weddings only. For any other event it's from 3pm. Your event MUST finish at 11pm (no exceptions) and clean-up must take place from 11pm to midnight.

We do not book two events on the same day, so your event will be only rental that day. Tables, chairs, decorations have to be put up the same day and removed the same evening.

What is the catering permit fee and who is responsible for paying it?

The catering permit fee is the responsibility of the renter, and not the caterer. This fee allows us to process their certificate of liability insurance, and gives them access to use the catering facility on-site.

Do you have any preferred vendors or caterers that you recommend?

We do not have a preferred vendor list so you are welcome to use your own caterer. Only licensed and insured caterers will be allowed to work and serve at Arvizu Vizcaya Estate. (sorry, no potluck or home-cooked food allowed!) But we do recommend Crazy Fork Catering for any event.

The caterer does need to provide us with a Certificate of Liability insurance naming the “Arvizu Vizcaya Estate” as an additional insured. (see sample insurance certificate) They also have to sign the catering permit form. If you are planning on having alcohol at your event, the caterer’s insurance must include Liquor Liability.

Do I need to hire security for my event?

For any party under 50 guests, 1 security officer is required for the duration of your event. For any party over 50 guests, a minimum of 2 security officers will be required. Security services will be reserved at the time of your booking at a rate of $16.50 + tax per hour, per guard, through the Special Events Coordinator or designee.

Do I need to bring in extra lights for nighttime events?

Arvizu Vizcaya Estate does have lighting at night, and most renters do not bring in additional lights. If you want to add decorative lights, please remember that everything must be setup and taken down the same day.

Also, any damage caused by the installation/addition of lights and decoration will result in a loss of your security deposit.

I am ready to book Arvizu Vizcaya Estate! What do I need to do now?

Contact info@avestate.com to set up an appointment. You need to come in person to sign the rental agreement and make the deposit. The deposit is 50% of your rental fee, and will guarantee your reservation date. The balance is due 30 days before your event.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept checks, credit cards (MC, Visa, Discover, Amex) and money orders. You may also pay with cash.

If you are booking an event less than 30 days away, checks will not be accepted.

Why do I have to pay a security deposit?

Every renter must leave a $400 check as a security deposit in order to cover any damages or clean-up fees. If there is no damage after your event, we will refund the full $400 security check.

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